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Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization

When we handle your account, Elivate focuses not only on bringing customers to your site but also on conversion rate optimization. We want to know:

  • Who is visiting
  • How long they stay
  • What actions are they taking?
  • Are they responding to your call to action? If not, what’s stopping them?

With this information, we can determine if the website is delivering on its promises. Which aspects need excitement? Which aspects are off-putting? How is the content’s style helping or hurting your message? CRO must be assessed regularly, and problems must be addressed immediately. Elivate does all of this for you, while keeping your business goals front and center.

How to Determine Your Conversion Rate

When your website was designed, hopefully there was an end goal that could be measured. If not, we will help you determine what aspects could be added to help measure the conversion rate. Beyond that, the conversion rate compares the number of site visits to the level of response. You can measure the conversion rate based on which consumers do one or several of the following:

  • Click through to view more detailed information (i.e., browse inventory)
  • Fill out a form
  • Sign up for emails
  • Request a quote
  • Subscribe to a service
  • Create an account
  • Purchase a product
  • Schedule service addressed immediately.

Elivate does all of this for you, while keeping your business goals front and center.

How is CRO different than SEO?

SEO is measured by how many consumers find your website. CRO is measured by how many consumers stay and how many interact with your business. In other words, SEO can work and work to bring people to your site, but if they don’t stay, there’s something missing or there’s something driving them away.

This is why Elivate provides website design and rich media services. We want to capture the consumer and entice them to act.

Conversion goals and SEO requirements must be kept in mind simultaneously. We want to strike a balance that keeps visitors at the site long enough to act positively toward your product or service.

  • I am fortunate to be working with Elivate. Their team is responsive, honest, quick to resolve issues and great problem solvers. Their team has driven positive ROI for our PPC campaigns and they have increased our SEO visibility in a very competitive space.
    Christopher Johnson, Director of Marketing, Storage West
  • I couldn’t be more impressed with the work done by Elivate. We’ve worked with them on everything from a website redesign to implementing blog content on our site. Not only are they knowledgeable about how to drive traffic and engage site visitors, but they offer ideas throughout the process that take our projects to the next level. They are a creative, dedicated, and responsive team who continue to exceed our expectations.
    Gina Hackett-Champ, Marketing Manager, Auspex Capital
  • Working with Elivate has been an outstanding experience. They are true partners in our SEO strategy. In a short amount of time, we have seen our rankings rise. They are consistently on top of the latest technology and trends and are a vital part of Duffy Group’s ongoing effort to maximize our SEO at the highest possible level.
    Sharon Cereska, Marketing Director, Duffy Group, Inc.
  • These guys are amazing! They are my complete go to for any graphic design needs. Elivate is responsible for creating our logo, website, business cards, and more. They are quick to respond and make any changes you need quickly and efficiently! They are creative and can help develop designs you did not consider just by sharing your vision. We have tried many different companies to manage and create our website. Elivate tops them all. You will not be disappointed!
    Mary Joy, RailForce
  • I can't say enough about elivate. They give my business superior and unmatched service. I couldn't have launched my business without their experience and knowledge. They have been a key partner in the entire process. They are very responsive to every need and I would recommend them to anyone looking for experts in internet marketing.
    Nick Hintz, Founder and Head Coach, FIT-Body Lab
  • Our practice and business was moving in many different directions and we were't sure how to approach our online marketing. elivate stepped in and created the perfect strategy. We've seen unprecedented growth!
    Dr. Rob Glade, Partner, Pediatric ENT
  • When we bought Peek's Floor Co. we found out that the previous owners had been they had been spending thousands of dollars a month on online marketing without much return. We brought on elivate and we saw an immediate impact in our search rankings, leading to a big increase in customers.
    John Stacy, Vice President, Peek's